The Benefits of Estate Living in the Northern Suburbs, Cape Town

The Benefits of Estate Living in the Northern Suburbs, Cape Town

The Northern Suburbs is a popular suburb for numerous Capetonians to raise their children and live a happy and relaxing life. In recent years many estate plots have been established around every corner where people of all ages and generations live. For many of us estate living has never been much appealing, because we might feel it is cramped and everything looks the same.

But there are a lot of benefits to estate living in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and over the years people have realised that this is an extremely good way to live and a decent place to raise your children. Property developers in Cape Town are continuously building these homes in the area as they realise the benefits and attractions to these homes.


It’s safer:

The number one reason why residents love estate living so much is the safety aspect of it as they say safety is in numbers and estate living proves this very statement. Whether the houses are filled with students, singles, couples or families they all live here for the community feel estate living gives you. Here children can still play in the streets and as the Northern Suburbs is a leafy and beautiful suburb gardens and parks are wonderful playgrounds for the youth.

It’s all you need:

One aspect of estate living that’s not for everyone is the fact that all the houses look the same and while many people understand this argument they argue with the fact that these houses, even though they are similar to those around them, offer one very important thing; they are built in such a way that they give the occupants exactly what they need. Not more and not less, estate living promises you all the essentials. (It certainly differs from estate to estate, but the main idea of these homes is to equip you in living a comfortable life with your loved one.)

About the finances:

Property developers in Cape Town find that developing estates are much cheaper than building extravagant house after extravagant house. And as the costs lessen for developers so does the purchasing cost for the potential residents. For a couple or young family just starting out this is an extreme bonus as their living costs are severely lessened.

Property Development Cape Town

Estate living in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town works really well for all which live there; these areas have become small communities in their own right and are all focused on better living for all. Properties are looked after; people know their neighbour and feel safe in their surroundings.




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